How We help

Would you or a loved one benefit from receiving personalized care, healthy meals, medication monitoring and other individualized services that you're not currently able to get at home?  

Selecting a new Home or Facility can seem overwhelming.  How do you decide what place is best for you or your family member?  What questions should you ask? Is it affordable? Will all their needs be met? Where will they be safe? So many questions and so much leg work goes into finding just the right place, the right home-like setting, and most importantly, the right care.   

Let the Professionals at AZ Senior Home Finder help you every step of the way.  We will be by your side, advocating on your behalf,  through all the steps outlined below.  

1. Pre-screen Homes and Facilities

We routinely evaluate all Homes and Facilities to ensure that when we make a recommendation, it is the perfect one for you.  Facilities licensed by the State are also checked for deficiencies thru the AZ Dept of Health Services.

2. Assessment of Needs

Through a comprehensive questionnaire, we assess your care needs, financial resources, desired area and lifestyle wants.  We can do this in person, with concerned family members or by telephone to suit your particular needs.  With this information we are able to match Homes and Facilities that will meet all of your criteria. 

3. Guided Tours

We arrange the appointments according to your schedule and accompany you on guided tours of the Homes or Facilities. We can ensure that all your questions get answered, including questions you may not know to ask. We also negotiate fees on your behalf, but there is never any pressure; you choose what is the best fit for you.  

4. Help Coordinate Move

Finding a new home is just the beginning and there are so many other decisions and things that need to be done.  Selling an existing home and downsizing can seem overwhelming.  We can put you in touch with just the right individuals to help make this move smooth and worry free including transition coordinators, real estate agents and movers.   

5. Follow-up

You haven't seen the last of us.   Once you are settled in, we will check back to make sure the transition is going smoothly.  

There is More

Pet Solutions

Your beloved pet is part of the family.  We have many Homes or Facilities that allow your animals to live with you.       

Emotional Support

This can be one of the most difficult decisions and times for familes.  With some extra help from AZ Senior Home Finder, this can be a positive outcome for everyone.  


There is never a fee to the Senior or Family for our services.